In today's complex financial environment, investors have unique needs, which are derived from their risk appetite and financial goals. But regardless of this, every investor seeks to maximize his/her returns on investments without capital erosion. While there are many investment avenues such as fixed deposits, income funds, bonds, equities etc… It is a proven fact that Equities as an asset class typically tend to outperform all other asset classes over the long run.

Investing in equities, require knowledge, time and a right mind-set. Equity as an asset class also requires constant monitoring may not be possible for you to give the necessary time, given your other commitments.

We at Swastika recognize this, and manage your investments professionally to achieve specific investment objectives, and not to forget, relieving you from the day-to-day hassles which investment require.

Swastika Investmart Ltd with more than 1.5 decade of experience & expertise in stock broking and equity research offers professional investment management product to our premium client groups.

When you invest through our premium client services, you can be assured of the best research being used for the investment decisions. We have experienced finance professionals – Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, MS-Finance and MBAs all working just to make your money grow steadily in a disciplined manner.

Who is it for?

Our premium client groups investment management service is well suited for any person or body corporate interested to make an investment of at least Rs. 25 lacs in equity markets and even High Networth Individuals, who enjoy the following:

Investing in Indian equities
Desire to create wealth over longer period
Taking professional advice for best outcome


On the basis of current market trends, their future outlook, client’s risk appetite and financial goals we keep generating investment decisions at Swastika. We currently offer following schemes for managing your investments. Read More

Swastika Platinum PCG Services
Swastika Gold PCG Services